Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do you ship my purchase?
All orders are usually shipped via UPS ground, although some items may be shipped via FedEx. We usually process orders within 24 hours, but please expect 7 to 10 days for delivery. If you need it quicker, we can usually ship it anyway you'd like as long as we have it in stock - just give us a call at 1-877-656-2470.


Where is my purchase shipped from?
Many items are shipped from our warehouse, which is located outside of Phoenix, Arizona - but it depends on what you buy. We have teamed up with our suppliers, so if it means a faster shipping time for you we will ship it from one of their warehouses, which are located all over the USA.


What makes different from other web sites?
Unlike other specialty tire internet retailers, we have been in the specialty tire business for over 30 years. With our extensive specialty tire knowledge and our superior relationships with our manufacturers, we can supply you with better tires faster and cheaper than anyone else.


Is what I see on the website all that you carry?
We have over one million dollars in inventory at any given time, which is a lot of tires - so some items may not be listed on our web site. If you don't see something, call or email us so we can find the tire you need from our warehouse inventory system or special order it for you.


Is my credit card information safe?
We treat all personal information as private. All transactions are encrypted, so you don't have to worry about your information being compromised. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.



Golf Cart Tires

What tire pressure should I use for my golf cart tires?
Having the right amount of air pressure in your tire will have a direct effect on the way your cart handles and drives, and figuring out the right tire pressure is easy! Usually, the correct PSI is what the tire says on the sidewall - most golf cart tires are 22 PSI. If your cart has high speed tires (usually denoted by an 18.5 as the height - the first number in the size), it needs 35 PSI. If it’s a load range "C" tire, it will be more. If your golf cart has off-road or ATV tires, it’s a little more tricky... In this case, you'll want to test the tire for a full contact patch. This is the amount of tire tread that contacts the road. If the tire is over inflated, just the center of the tread contacts the road. If the tire is under inflated, you'll see a small bulge on the lower sidewall. The best way to test this is to clean the tire and take it for a short ride - then look at the tire tread. If the tire is over inflated, only the center of the tread will be dirty or dusty. If it’s properly inflated, the entire tread will be dirty or dusty, without a sidewall bulge at the bottom. If you're unsure about what tire pressure is best for your specific tire, call one of our professionals, toll-free - 1-877-656-2470.



Golf Cart Lift Kits

What lift kits will fit my golf cart? works directly with our lift kit manufacturer so that you can choose a lift kits that fits the first time. If you're not seeing a lift kit on our website that will work for you, give us a call toll-free, 1-877-656-2470, and we'll find one that will work.


What about lift kits for my Yamaha golf cart?
Yamaha has always been a name synonymous with quality craftsmanship. Our lift kits follow that tradition by using quality materials and precision assembly. They feature Super Duty A-Arm design (excluding G1 cart models) and easy bolt-on installation, so no cutting or welding is necessary.


How do I know I'm buying a quality lift kit?
Our manufacturers specialize in the fabrication of of golf cart lift kits and other custom accessories to fit all types of carts. Their in-house machine shop and powder coating system allows us to custom fabricate and personalize every golf cart lift kit and golf cart accessory we offer - if you're interested in custom painting your lift kit, give us a call and we'll get you setup!


Can I order a special color?
Our manufacturer's in-house powder coating system can create virtually any color imaginable. If you can imagine it, we'll custom create it just for you! Give us a call, 1-877-656-2470.


What kind of lift kit can I get for my Club Car?
Our Club Car lift kits offer flexibility and greater ground clearance, from the 4" A-Arm Lift Kit, to the massive 10" Ultra Lift Kit - the largest production golf cart lift kit available on the planet. All of these kits feature truly independent A-Arm Suspension, camber adjustment, and easy bolt-on installation so no cutting or welding is required! If you don't find what you're looking for on our website, give us a call and we'll find what you need!


Do you make a lift kit for my EZ-Go?
Our EZ-GO lift kits get the job done! From the 3", 5" or 8" lifts, and from gas to electric golf cart models, these lift kits work harder. When it comes to EZ-GO lift kits, we offer the greatest variety on the market, so if you don't see what you need, give us a call!


What size of tire can I use on a lifted cart?
Our lift kits come with a recommended tire size to use with a particular lift kit. We suggest using the recommended size.


What size of tire and wheel package can I use on my stock golf cart?
Most of our stock cart tire and wheel packages will fit on any stock cart without modifications. Call us if you are unsure - we're happy to help!


What's the warranty on your lift kits?
At our golf cart lift kit warranty is second to none. We are committed to providing the highest quality golf cart lift kits available. We are so confident in the quality, we offer a 100% Buy Back Guarantee.



Lawn and Garden Tires

What type of tread should I buy for my lawnmower?
Our tire professionals can help you decide what would be best for your specific use - just give us a call! With our 35 years in the turf tire business, we can ask the right questions to make sure you select the right tire for your mowing needs.


I keep getting flat tires - what can I do?
Switching to a different tread design or a heavier ply rating is probably all you need to do, but tire sealer may be another option. We're happy to give advice - just give us a call.


Can I switch to a different size tire on my lawnmower?
In most cases we can find a smaller or larger tire if you need to change sizes. With our extensive inventory and experience, we can assist in choosing the right tire for any use.


What about using solid Amerityres instead of air filled tires?
Amerityre uses a special polyurethane blend that creates a very low rolling resistance, which is great for most industrial applications. Many solid tires come assembled on new wheels, so changing tires is painless. Solid tires without wheels need a two piece wheel where noted, and some may need to be pressed onto your existing wheels. A special cone is necessary when using your existing wheels.